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Managing 21 properties throughout the San Antonio area, RFM Commercial brings years of experience and an owner’s perspective to every aspect of our property management responsibilities.

Third party owners benefit from the same prudent management policies employed on our own properties owned by Richard McCaleb and his partners.

The company portfolio consists of retail, office and office warehouse properties owned by related companies or third parties with long lasting relationships. These long lasting relationships are what separates RFM from the herd of other property managers. Owners that have retained the RFM company to manage their properties demand and appreciate an experienced hands-on approach to management matters.

Owners  know that Richard McCaleb will be personally involved in the day to day management of their investment, and that decisions that are made are for the long term benefit of the property based on 25 years of experience in the business. As evidence of this commitment to quality, two of the Company's core management accounts, The Broadway Theater building and Medical Park Plaza have been management accounts for over 20 years!

Obviously, Mr. McCaleb cannot perform all of the management function alone and has surrounded himself with  quailty staff that is committed to providing the quaility management services that our owners and tenants demand. In keeping with the theme of stable long term relationships, including Michelle Fontonot who has been with us for over 17 years, with an understanding of our properties that is unmatched with most of competition. 


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